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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Windy Wednesday ................

Well there's definitely a change in the weather - for the worse :-( Its very windy here and it was chilly in the shade yesterday. There's some rain forecast for sometime soon so it looks like my shorts are gonna have to go back into storage again. So long as it holds out for today though I don't mind as I have to cycle to Little Paxton today - a village that is 3 miles away. Its a nice ride when its dry and fine - but its a bugger when its wet.
I'm sorry to say that I didn't make any cards yesterday after all. I came home from work and sat in the garden with Bern for a while then I planted up my Bizzi Lizzies - after creating a new flower bed round the pond. Then when we came in and had some tea, I put on a DVD (P.S. I Love you) and we sat and watched that. It was nice to chill and relax watching a good film.
I did have the craft robo going though cutting out more favour boxes for my wedding so I feel that I did do something useful. I kept fit as well as I was up and down stairs like a yo-yo LOL
Bern is at work from 5pm tonight so I shall be back to the hobbit room later this evening and I promise to show you the results of my efforts (that bit was just for Marie LOLOL)
Have a nice day everyone and catch you later xx

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  1. The weather up here this week has been very cool in the mornings then after lunch the sun has shone.
    It's the start of the hay fever season - my 3 are suffering with their itchy eyes and are sneezing none stop.
    I do feel for them and all other sufferers.