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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Last post (for today anyway) LOL

After getting inspiration from my friends, I finally came up with a card for 5 yr old little girl. I had to google Iggle Piggle after one suggestion as I had no idea who or what it was - its a blue sock with a face on from what I can see :-) So I decided to go along with the "anything pink" and "anything to do with princess's" theme that was becoming apparent from the replies I was getting.

I used my craft robo to cut the name out and used a decoupage sheet for the princess - I don't know which one she is though but I do know she is not Cinderella or Snow White. I'm sure someone will enlighten me on that one.

How funny is this - I use the spell check option before posting most threads and guess what word the dictionary doesn't recognise (considering who hosts the blog spot sites) - yep its the word GOOGLE LOLOLOL. Probably not funny at all really but made me smile in a strange sort of way.

And as is it now almost 11.30pm, I think I am going to head for my bed so I shall say night night to you all for now.

Sleep well and have pleasant dreams xxxxxxxxxx

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