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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Monday, 12 May 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning..............

Here is the weather for the Eastern Counties - as seen from the hobbit room. We have hazy sunshine right now that should clear away later to leave yet another fine beautiful day.
I have yet another busy day ahead of me , work until 2pm, then I have to pop to town, then another quick hour long job to go to at 5pm, back home - grab something to eat then back up here to the hobbit room. I am doing a card demo on Friday 30th May at an afternoon club that my parents go to - there are about 30 people in total but mum doubts that they will all join in. I have bought a Floral Abundance card kit from Ideal World (its a complete kit with pre-printed cards, envelopes and die cut sheets for decoupage all in one) and we have decided that will be the best way forward. I am not charging for my time but will be charging £3 per person that takes part. They will receive an envelope that will allow them to make 2 complete cards at the end of the session. I will also supply them with an insert and some foam pads. I don't need to take much more than that - apart from from samples already made up to show them the concept and some other cards from my own stock for people to buy. I will then keep all the profits (so I am hoping there will be some). It should be a good afternoon as I have never done anything like this before and it could be the start of something new for me - so keep your fingers crossed please xx

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  1. Good luck will be fine!!!