Planner Dashboards available in various sizes

Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Monday, 19 May 2008

Evening all .................

Phew, it stayed dry today but it was a bit nippy. I came close to putting the heating on, but I managed to resist - my hobbit room is normally quite warm and I end up having to put the ceiling fan on anyway. So what has everyone been up to today? Whatever it was, I hope you gave it your best xx

I know I was supposed to be making up more cards for the Dog Show but I also had a card to make for a gentleman's niece who will be 10 on the 26th May. He wasn't too keen on a High School Musical theme and wanted something different - so I do hope he likes what I came up with, (he normally does). I have made a HUGE card. I figure that if the embellishments on a card are going to take it above the 5mm minimum for a standard stamp, them why not take it the whole hog and go for big and bold. If its going to have a large stamp slapped on it, it might as well warrant it LOL


  1. Cazz the card is beautiful. I am sure sopie will love it.

    Bev xxx

  2. its fabulous Cazz huge nah just the right size
    Toni xx

  3. Fantastic card - love it and will copy.
    Weather cool here too - our heating came on as the temperature must have dropped below the thermostat setting.
    It's nearly June so the heating should be off altogether.

  4. Fab card as usual. Am sure Sophie will think it is fab too.