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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Slimming World disaster :-(

Well I have been for a weigh in this evening hoping to have lost just 1lb which would have put me back into my target range - and instead I put in 1 1/2lb. That will teach me to pig out on cream cakes and stuff at my parents anniversary tea last Sunday LOL. So I guess you could say that my gain was completely justified. I shall try and do better this week and hope for a good loss next week. I have a wedding dress to get into in September LOL.
Its been a lovely day here in the Eastern Counties today - got all my washing done and dried out on the new washing line today. Bern and me popped to Tesco's for a few odds and ends then came home and he played on his xbox 360 and I caught up on some e-mails and started on a card for a couple celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary in June. The gentleman that has ordered the card is going to try and get a copy of their marriage certificate and I will contact Buckingham Palace to see if we can get them a telegram from the Queen which I think will be a lovely surprise for them both.
And now I have to go as I've just had a phone call for a card order to be delivered on Friday - I do love clients that give me plenty of warning LOL.
Have a lovely evening everyone and I'll catch up with you soon

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  1. Just to say, it's a card from the Queen, Cazz, not a telegram. You can get a copy of the marriage certificate from the ONS and cost £7. You can't apply for the card until 3 weeks before the anniversary at the earliest and the form is downloadable from the Royal website. Found all this out last year ready for Mum & Dad's Diamond this year but it won't happen now because of Mum's death.
    Loving your blog! Allows peeps to be legitimately nosey - lol!!