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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Well it finally rained

This morning it was foggy here in the Eastern Counties and the BBC weather said we were in for heavy, thundery rain. Well, the rain held off until about noon when we got a few spots of rain - I was out in it at the time but it was really quite refreshing so I didn't mind. Then later this afternoon it started to come down really heavy and it was lashing against the windows - but still no thunder to break the heaviness in the air - we could do with a good thunder storm.
But then again, I saw the news earlier about Louisiana in the US being evacuated again because of the Category 4 storm heading their way and it makes you step back and realise just how lucky we are really. I hope that the storm subsides a bit before it hits their coast as those poor people didn't get the help they needed last time and one lady on the news today had only been given the keys for her new home 2 weeks ago - such a disgrace that a country like the USA could treat their own citizens like that.
Better get off my soap box now before I get into trouble LOL
Anyway, I shall bid you all goodnight and head off to bed to watch a film.
Night night all and take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Surprise birthday card for someone

Made this for a friends birthday and as normal I am not going to say who its for as it will spoil the surprise

Man's birthday card & envelope

One of my clients' husbands has a birthday coming up in September so I have made this card for him this afternoon. I used the Crafters Companion Men 1 CD but instead of running it as normal, I opened up the data sheets and transferred just the items I wanted into Greeting Card Factory. By doing this, you can add wording to the tag as required and by using the notepaper, you can make a frame. For the envelope, I dragged the A6 envelope image into the envelope section of GCF and resized it to fit a C5 envelope (only wish I had put the envelope in the right way round as its upside down but never mind LOL)

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Last Choir Standing .......

This has been a competition on BBC1 for the past few weeks and the final was earlier this evening and I am very pleased to announce that the best choir won (in my opinion). Only Men Allowed were absolutely fantastic and I have rooted for them since day 1 so a huge well done boys xxx

Friday, 29 August 2008

Thank you card for a friend of my mums

I had a call from my mum earlier asking if I could make a thank you card obo of a friend of hers that had been to a reunion party of some sort and she wanted to say thank you to the lady that had organised it. All mum said was that the lady liked flowers so I used the Robert Adam's Roses CD for this one and used Greeting Card Factory to print the background and the wording.

Card for my future in laws wedding anniversary

I have used Robert Adam's FLOWERS cd for this project. I printed the background direct onto pearlescent card and used the large oval decoupage sets off the CD. The insert and envelope has been made to match.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

For a fan of Hollywood Musicals

And she will know who its for as soon as she see's it LOL. The flower ISN'T one of Fred's for once. I found a backing sheet that has flowers on and cut them out instead. The image of Fred Astair and his partner (I'm not sure its Ginger Rogers in this picture if I'm honest) comes from Joanna Sheen's Hollywood legends CD. The ends of the stars have been enhanced with "Black Diamond" stickles

Dunkers ATC Swap July / Aug 2008

Ii have taken control of my very first ATC swap on Sharon Duncans Forum and here are the ATC's for this bi-monthly swap. The theme was Balloons and I think you will agree that there are a beautiful selection of ATC's. I shall probably sort them this afternoon in front of the telly and send them out over the next couple of days.
Well done to everyone that took part this time xxx

Meet Monty (although he is camera shy)

Monty is a 7 yr old Miniature Red Smooth Dachshund and he belongs to Jean, the lady I clean for on a Tuesday. She has only had him for 2 weeks after collecting him from a rescue centre. Isn't he just adorable? xxx He refused to look direct into the camera though and this is about the best photo I managed to get of him LOL

My first La Pashe card

My parents are going to an 80th birthday celebration soon and my mum asked me to make a card for the gentleman concerned. All she said was that he liked sport and the football scene from the gorgeous La Pashe sheets came to mind.

Gold Card Award

I received this award from Nicky this morning so thank you Nicky xxx

I will pass it on later today xxxx

Card OBO my mum for my brother and his fiance

My brother and his girlfriend had an informal engagement party at the weekend and my mum realised that she'd not actually got them a card so she asked me yesterday if I could so a belated card for them - but she also wanted something unusual. So I made this last night on her behalf. The decoupage for the bookatrix is from the Glitter Girls. Hope mum likes it now LOL


Thank you Bev for my Artepico award

Isn't this lovely? I got notification when I logged on this morning about this award given to me by my buddy Bev xxx Thank you hun - its beautiful xx

I am now passing this onto 5 others so here goes

Bev R

Kath Teabelly

Denise - Sparkle



Tuesday, 26 August 2008

What would you do with your old cistern from your loft?

Well this is what I did with one from a clients house. It had been sitting idle in his garden since it had been replaced so I took all the fittings out, put gravel in the bottom for drainage, filled it with compost and here's the result 3 months later. The watering can at the front sits underneath the the remains of a water pipe and catches any excess water which I then pour back into the the tub - recycling at its best LOL. The lobelia hangs down really nicely as it stands about 2' off the ground on a handmade wooded table.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Bonboniere's all done

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday evening LOL. I was sat on my bed flicking between Big Brother and the craft show on Ideal World and making my bonboniere's at the same time. So here they all are in their entirety. Just have to box them for transportation now. Thank goodness I am not doing this again LOL.

ATC wallet from 1 sheet of A4 paper

I found this You Tube video whilst looking for a project to make an ATC wallet. I used 120GSM Tesco Finest Inkjet paper to make mine and printed it on both sides with contrasting designs and it seems to be okay.

I thought I would share the video with you too. (You have to scroll on about 5 mins to get to the actual demo)

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Angelic Christmas cards

I recently bought an unmounted stamp set from Create & Craft while they had their Craftathon. The whole set cost me £4.50 as it was in their sale bin. Here a couple of A6 cards I have made from the set. I used Whispers Markers to colour the images, Pretty colour ink pad cube for the wording and the Winter Snow backing paper from Artylicious Seasons Greetings 2 CD. The inserts have also been made to match

Thursday, 21 August 2008

"lily" stamp birthday card

Here is a birthday card for a lady. The background was made using a kaleidacolor inkpad, a facial sponge and some pigment powder mixed with water in a spray bottle - it does have a bit of an iridescent look to it in real life. The backing sheet is from Crafters Companion Everyday CD 1. I simply added 3 adhesive stones from Papermania in the top corner and a dome sticker again from Papermania in the bottom corner

Mobile phone card

A lady I know saw the previous mobile phone card on my blog and asked for a similar card for her own grand-daughter so here it is. I have again used Sharon Duncan's CD for the whole card

Another GCF card

A lady I clean for is celebrating her birthday next week. Irene has learning difficulties so will be away at her mums so I used Greeting card Factory to make this card as I know she loves teddy bears. The edging is some white yarn that I have in my craft box.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

New baby girl card

I rang my caterer's earlier today and was so pleased to find out that they had had a baby girl 2 weeks ago. So tomorrow when I post the cheque to cover the final figure for the buffet, I shall send them this card which I printed earlier with Greeting Card Factory.

Wing Wing has been saved LOL

Thank you to everyone who left a comment with regards to little Wing Wing. I have therefore recycled him, remounted him onto some silver mirri card and used a different background to make him stand out more. I have also added some glamour dust around his feet to represent snow.
Is it just me - or does his smile seem so much bigger now? LOL

Honest opinions needed please............

............... before I chuck this Xmas card in the bin LOL. The stamp is from the same place I got the little hedgehog from and I still can't remember the name of the company (sorry) and I simply used Sakura glaze pens for his hat and feet and the Sakura glitter pen for the hat pom-pom and rim. The backing paper is from Crafters Companion Festive Ltd Edition CD and I used the built in colouriser to remove the colour.
On the whole, I really don't like it but would like your honest opinions on it before little "wing wing" ends up in the bin (or at least recycled LOL)

Monday, 18 August 2008

Simply stamped birthday card

I have made this simple card for another friends birthday, The cute hedgehog stamp is from a supplier who's name escapes me at the moment. I got it from Stamparama last week in Stevanage (I know it wasn't from Dimension Fourth). I stamped him with stazon and coloured him with whispers brush stroke markers and a touch of chalk for his cheeks.
Hope you like him xxx

Sunday, 17 August 2008

And another birthday card

I am taking a risk here that the person who this is going to will see it before her birthday but here goes anyway. Its one of those that Nancy does sometimes on C & C where she sticks a smaller card to the back of the bigger card with the fold going the wrong way (does that make sense?) and then I've wrapped the ribbon round the back of the card to hold it all together. The image is one from a collection of fairy images I have on my hard-drive and I have simply decoupaged it.