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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sunny Sunday morning

Good morning all and here is the weather report once again for the Eastern Counties. Its reasonably sunny so far this morning with a thin scrapping of cloud covering the sky which looks like it will burn off very soon once the sun turns up the gas and warms up.

Not got much planned for today - got one wash load to go in the machine which won't take long. Run around with Henry (that's the vacuum cleaner by the way) closely followed by Sally steam mop.

I have my afternoon arranged - 2 hours of create and craft on Ideal World this afternoon whilst I do the ironing - which will take about 30 minutes at the most :-)

Then it will be back up to the hobbit room to churn out more cards. Its turning into a full time job in itself but if it keeps the money coming in, then I'm not about to complain.

I've set up an album where you can view all the cards I have almost ever made :-) Here is the link

Right off to get some breakfast now as I was heading in that direction when my PC called my name and I just had to come and sit down and give it some attention :-)

Don't forget to check out my album xx

1 comment:

  1. You never appreciate what you have until it's not there.
    I used to be the 1st to moan when your daily blog popped up every morning - all the rushing around made me tired just reading it - then it stopped.
    Thankyou for starting it up again and showing your cards for me to get inspiration from.