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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Dunkers ATC swap - February 09 - Rainbows- group photo

Here is the group photo of all the ATC's received for the February '09 Dunkers ATC swap. The theme was RAINBOWS and all the ATC's are stunning and there are so many versions on the theme. Well done everyone xxxx

Thursday, 26 February 2009

3 sympathy cards

My uncle passed away on Tuesday morning after a long illness so whilst it was not a surprise that he has passed away, its still a sad time for my aunt and my cousin. My aunt has always had a life long love of poppies so the bottom card is for her made from a dufex sheet.
The top 2 cards are for a man to send to 2 of his friends over in Holland who have also recently suffered a bereavement.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Waterfall card from a RedHot Bed die-cut sheet

Made this using a die-cut waterfall kit from Red Hot Bed and some beautiful yellow backing paper overlaid with a matching yellow vellum
Hope you like it and thank you for looking xxx

Flipping Men Rugby Card

I was asked to make a card for a man to give to his son and thought the Flipping Men sheet from La Pashe was just right for the occasion. The backing papers were from a friend, Nicknat, in a big bag of goodies that she gave me at the weekend. They are perfect for this card.
Thank you for looking xx

Sunday, 22 February 2009

I'm in my new home now

My apologies for not keeping my blog up to date but I've been a tad busy and I know you will all forgive me.
I am now in my new home and slowly getting settled but it will take time which is thankfully something I have plenty of. I did get the main area sorted first though - the craft area LOL That has to be priority in my book. I still have boxes to unpack and put away but 1 box at a time is my moto.
Bernie has been round and put the 1st coat of paint on the walls and it does feel a lot more cosy in here now than it did before. I have now met all of the neighbours and they are all really nice people and I am less than a stone's throw from the town and when the Lidl's re-opens at beginning of March after it's refurbishment, that is literally on my door step so that will do me fine.
I am slowly adjusting to the traffic noise as I am right on the main road but eventually I won't even know its there and when I go to bed, I don't even hear it at all.
So there you go - a quick update on whats been happening & now its back to emptying another box.
take care everyone xx

Monday, 16 February 2009

Moving day

Today (and tomorrow) I am moving into my new flat. Got shed loads to do so just wanted to say bye bye to everyone for a few days. I expect everyone to be good while I am away. I should be back on-line by wednesday evening xxx

Monday, 9 February 2009

CupCake Crafting Challenge 9th Feb 09

The challenge this week over on CupCake Crafting Blog is to make a card showing a scene of some sort so here is what I have done. The stamps are from Creative Expressions - Village and I got them from Nicki ages ago and have only opened the package today :-). The scene has been watercoloured with pental watercolour sticks which utilised a rather unique "tool" for taking the excess water off the brush

It works a treat - Tesco value panty liner LOLOLOLOLOL 39p for a pack of 20 so a flipping good bargain I think too.

I have another one wrapped around a hot water pipe under a floorboard in my craft room as it was making a noise that echoed into my bedroom at 6am when the heating came on - so I wrapped a pantyliner round it and the noise has all but been deadened.

Hope you like it and thank you for looking xxx

Lovely day yesterday

On Sunday, my friend Dawn and I travelled to Basildon for a playday organised by our friend Debs. Debs is a brilliant host and all the projects are all laid out for us and she puts on a lovely supply of food.
Yesterdays projects were a card made from napkins - a technique I have done before and really like doing (and will be doing more now that I have the bug for it again) and a lovely box - that really tested the patients of a saint at times but the end results are lovely (I know thats not the correct spelling of patients but I can't spell it the right way lol).
Hope you like what I did and thank you for looking xxx

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Colour Create Challange Card.

There is a new challenge blog on the block, Colour Create and their first challenge is to use just pink, brown and green on your card. So this is my interpretation and I am happy to say, my first challenge card of 2009.

I used an old green envelope for the back mat and a piece of brown 2 tone paper for the front oval. Both were put through the cuttlebug with the same embossing folder.

The flowers ( I am impressed with these) are from Fred's Flowers BUT what makes them special to me is that I downloaded the Artweaver program as mentioned on Tracy's site and using her outline sheet and her tutorial, I managed to digitally colour the flowers in myself in the appropriate colours. I have an awful lot to learn with the program and shall be watching out for more of Tracy's tutorials eagerly but am happy with my result so far.

Hope you like the card which I will be sending to Lesley from the St. Neots branch of the Cats Protection League who through sheer hard work and determination managed to find homes for all 4 of my beloved cats and they have all settled in well and I am going to shut up about that now as it still upsets me to think about losing them xxxx

Thank you for looking xxx

Cazz xxxxxxxxx

Look what I got today ...........................

Isn't it a beautiful award? Thank you to Bev from Cambridge for passing it onto me. In time honoured tradition, I have to pass it onto 5 others so here are my nominees for this award ...
1. Hazel. She has been and always will be a good friend and despite going through tough times herself, always manages to find time for others.
2. Denise. Always there with a kind word of encouragement.
3. Bev R. Without whose help, I would never have known how to post images on my cards onto the various challenge sites. Always ready to help when asked.
4. Lizbe. Never judges, never criticises - just has a kind word and a gentle piece of encouragement when needed. And her husband is one in a million too and deserves a mention xxx
5. Kath (teabelly). Despite STILL having blooming Jingle Bells playing on her blog, she is, none the less, a wonderful person and well deserved of this award
So there we are. If I haven't nominated you, please don't take offence, its probably because you already have the award on your site anyway. If not, please take it anyway as you are ALL worthy recipients of this award xxx

Sticky Note Experiment

This is amazing

Friday, 6 February 2009

Woke up to yet more snow

Woke up to yet more snow this morning so have again taken the day off work. I took the video on my camera phone this morning during the heavy snow fall. The flakes were the size of cottonwall balls LOLOL

So I've not done much today except go through a box full of decoupage sheets and done a bit of listing on e-bay so if anyone wants to have a peek at what I have out on, my e-bay id is tigerlady42

Hope you are all enjoying the weather - it was blooming freezing when I went for a walk earlier - not like yesterday when it was quite mild

Take care all and catch up with you soon xxx

sarah's birthday card

Today is my friends' Sarah's birthday so here is the card I made for her. I have had it hidden for a few days as I didn't want her to see it until this morning. being s true crafter, I didn't write on the envelope so that has now gone back into my stash for another card lolololol
Hope you like it and thank you for looking xx

Birthday card for a sister in law

As you can see, I am not wishing to waste any papers at the moment so here is the 3rd card made from the same sheet of paper as the previous 2 cards. This is for a gentleman to give to his sister in law and the decoupage is from a dufex sheet.
hope you like it and thank you for looking xxx

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow, snow, lots of snow

Took this at 6.30 using black and white filter on phone's camera

Took this at 6.30am using daylight filter on phone's camera

Took this at 7.45am using daylight filter on phone's camera

Its not normal for St. Neots to get so much snow - don't know if its because of how we lie geographically or what, but it normally misses us and the surrounding villages get it all so this is a novelty for us - and it looks lovely xxx

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

50th anniversary card for a Dutch couple

I was asked to make a card for a couple who have recently celebrated 50 years of marriage and as they are Dutch, I used google to come up with the sentiment. The insert is also printed in Dutch - so I just hope the website I used is correct LOL
Hope you like it and thank you for looking xxx

Dunkers ATC swap - February 09 - Rainbows

Here are my 2 ATC's for the Dunkers ATC swap over on Sharon Duncan's forum. As you can see, the theme this month is Rainbows and I found the beautiful quotation via a google search.
Hope you like them and thank you for looking xxx

A very sad sympathy card to make

My mums friend asked me to make a card for her to give to the family of her next door neighbour who tragically took her own life at the weekend. She was only in her 30's and left 2 young children behind. Such a tragic loss of life xxxx

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Paul ATc Swap January 09

Here are the ATC's I received this morning from Paul Fords ATC swap. The theme for January was "favourites" and I got 2 stunning ATC's from Joanna and Francis. Also, a lovely thank you card from Paul for taking part.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Pauls ATC swap February 09

Here are my ATC's for Pauls swap this month over at his new site
The theme is countryside so these are my interpretation of the theme.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Dunkers ATC swap - January - Hats

My apologies to everyone for the worse picture ever. I got all the settings wrong on my camera and sorted all the ATC's into respective envelopes BEFORE I got to look at the photo. But you get the gist of them anyway and as you can see, the theme for the January swap was HATS.

There are a bundle of beautiful ATC's this month - well done everyone.

For more information on how to join in with the Dunkers ATC swap, go to SHARON DUNCAN'S WEBSITE