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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Playing with glue sticks and Mod Mini Melts - my verdict

Hi all and welcome to my blog. 

Over the past 2 days, I have been playing with my glue guns and thought I would finally get around to trying out "Mod Mini Glue Melts". Myself and a friend, Sue, had shared 2 packets that we bought at the Hatfield Living Crafts show in 2014; so it's been a while and thought it was time I blew the dust of my share and tried them out. I had 6 'beach glass clear' & 6 'milky white'. 

The first thing I did wrong, was try to load the Mod Mini Melts into my large glue gun. The clue is in the title really - MINI !!!  My large glue gun takes 10mm sticks and the Mod Mini Melts are designed for, yes, you've guessed it, a MINI glue gun that will take 7mm sticks. 

This is the result of trying to get a 7mm Mod melt to work in a 10mm glue gun...

It's not a pretty sight and I doubt 'elf & safety' would be happy with me using a kebab stick to shove the stick down the channel in the glue gun to get it to work. The end result is not smooth and there's air bubbles in the centre where the Mod Mini Melt was beginning to cool before I could get the rest of the Melt stick out.  As I said though, this is my fault and not that of the product.

I then got out my mini glue gun. You know what happen's when you buy a 99p bargain basement glue gun? Not a lot. Nothing in fact. Wouldn't heat up at all. So 99p went in the bin - life is too short and precious to fiddle with a 99p glue gun. 

My next step was to try regular 10mm glue sticks in my big glue gun. This proved to be much more productive and dammed good fun too.

Here is the result of the same rose mould using regular glue sticks. 

And two more. There was some residue glue already in the glue gun so the flower on the left is clearer because of that. The one on the left is a mixture of the two and the rose at the top is from the new glue stick that I had put into the glue gun.

It wasn't long before I had a stack of items on my table. Some of them are going to need trimming etc but some look great with the excess around them and will be perfect on canvases etc.

Earlier today, I went out and bought a new Stanley Brand Mini glue gun and tried again with the Mod Mini Melt Sticks. I again made another rose with the 'beach' effect clear stick.

Then I sat at my desk and dusted them with Pebeo Gilding wax. See if you can tell which is which. One is a Mod Mini melt and the other 2 are regular glue sticks.

No difference right? So, for me, from now on I shall be sticking with regular glue sticks. And will use the right size for the appropriate glue gun !!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Any comments would be appreciated, just leave them below. I do read them all xx

Happy Crafting everyone x