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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Door Hanger or USB storage station ???

Are you, like me, forever mislaying USB sticks? Even as I type this blogpost up, I am looking about the craft area as I know there is a 4th one about somewhere. When it does turn up, and it will, I'll have to add another hanger for it so it doesn't go wandering again :-) 

So, for the recipe................

Take an MDF door hanger. I get mine from Dreamees  but you may have your own preference (that's the beauty of craft - plenty of choice lol)

I started with a cog mask from 'That Special Touch' and applied Tesco Value filler through it. Lifted it carefully then dried it with a heat tool. I have the small heat tool so it's not such a blast of heat.

Once dry, I coated the whole hanger with purple Radiant Rain paint from Clevercuts

After that, I just threw whatever was close at hand at it. 
Orange Radiant Rain paint,
Cosmic shimmer gilding wax,
liquid leaf copper metallic paint,
Pinflair buff it
to name but a few.

Each addition gave it extra 'life' and added texture.

Even some shimmer sprays over the top for even more depth

The hooks don't go right the way through - the screw shafts are too think for the depth of the hanger - but galloping horses ain't gonna stop to look at the backside that closely :-) 

I painted up some wooded hearts for the USB sticks and added a bit of ribbon

All in all, a job well done I think :-) 

Hope you like it and thank you for stopping by my blog today xx

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  1. I think it's great Cazz both in creation and in use! Love the texture (the filler has worked great) and the colours have built up beautifully.

    Lesley Xx

  2. This is fabulous Cazz, a great idea too, I would like to use this idea myself for storing mine if that is okay with you.

    Linda xxx

    1. Hi Linda and thank you x Yes of course, feel free xx

  3. loving this hun and so love the title of your blog too xxx

    1. Thank you Judith x Always said that if I ever opened a cafe, I'd have the perfect name for it lol