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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Monday, 12 January 2009

Wet start to the week

Morning all from a wet Eastern Counties this morning. I haven't seen the weather report for the day so have no idea if its going to clear up or not, BUT on the plus side, its not cold anymore. Its relatively warm at the moment and I have the window open in the hobbit room as I type.
The packing up of the house started in earnest yesterday. I started on the lounge but don't appear to have made a dent at all, but then I am the eternal pessimist so its probably not as bad as it looks.
Sarah has been working very hard on the painting and its all coming together nicely so when people come to see the house, it will at least look clean and fresh. We are not going for the "TV" look where everything is perfectly in place and it looks like a show home - we still have to live here and we are in the real world, but that's not to say it has to be a mess either.
The garage will be bulging at the seams once we start taking all the storage boxes over there but at least we have the garage and as its away from the house, we will keep it on after "the move" as I have no idea where I shall end up short-term and whilst some people are saying "oh my god, where will you end up?" and worrying themselves sick, I am saying "its great adventure and lets see where the wind takes us".
I don't see this house as my home and haven't done for a long time - its just plasterboard and breeze block so I have no ties to it whatsoever.
I have spoken to a lady about the cats and putting them into a foster home when the time comes just until I get settled then I shall have them back so that is something less for me to worry about as I know they will be okay.
Anyway, I am off to get ready for work now so I shall love you and leave you for now.
Take care everyone and have a good day xxx

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  1. Gosh you sound really busy, hope all the packing goes ok, Good Luck with the big adventure!! Hazel xo