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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Monday, 26 January 2009

Rough day today

A lady I had asked to be a guarantor for my 2nd place to live declined (which is okay) but means I probably won't get the bedsit now either as I feel sick to my stomach when I have to ask someone to stand as guarantor - and all because I am self employed

the council didn't tell me anything that i didn't already know

and I had to say goodbye to my beloved Nutmeg as she was taken away to be rehomed

So all in all, a rubbish day


  1. Hi Hun,

    Must've been a s****y day as I know how close you were to your cats.

    Sending hugs and positive vibes


  2. Thinking of you at this pants time. Hope things start to get better soon. Having a bit of a time of it too but not as bad as you, Take care of yourself Hazel xox

  3. Hugs for you hun, hope your feeling better today xxx shellxx

  4. oh cazz i really feel for you as i know how you must feel about your cats being a cat lover myself i have just two left now. but just think they have gone to good homes and will be loved. hope your househunting goes well too.
    chrisa x

  5. Thnking of you, pop over to my blog to collect an award, Hazel xo

  6. Hi Cazz Sorry to hear things arnt going too good and hope something turns up for you Soon.
    Take care