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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Friday, 23 January 2009

Update on CPL & my cats

It upsets me to think about it so I shall make this quick.

The CPL have found proper permanent loving homes for 3 out my 4 cats and whilst it is going to be traumatic for me to see then go (I just hope I'm not actually in the house when they are taken), I am greatly relieved to know that they are going to loving homes.

Pickle and Nutmeg who are sisters and have been together since birth and are now approaching 16 are being homed together and Smudge is going to a good home too.

So that just leaves Salem and I know they will find her a good home too.


  1. Glad to see that the pussies have got homes and Nutmeg doesn't have to go over the rainbow. Hope everything else is starting to settle down for you, Taake Care, Hazel xo

  2. Hi Cazz Glad at least 3 of yur cats have found homes and hope Salem finds one soon it will take alot of pressujre of you. Hope you soon find a new place too. Keep Well

  3. It's going to be hard seeing them go..but at least you know that they are going to good loving homes and will be very well looked after. One less thing for you to worry about right now Cazz. Stay strong.

    Sue x

  4. I just tagged you, see my blog for what to do, Hazel xo