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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Pics of the house I have been to look at

Fireplace in sitting room
View of lounge from doorway (alien in the picture is the estate agent lol)

Kitchen part 1
Kitchen part 2

Kitchen part 3

View of the garden from the main bedroom window (the overgrown bit would be mine lol and there's a shed at the end of it somewhere

Fitted wardrobes in the main bedroom

THE most important room of them all - the potential craft room

The main bedroom from the doorway

The newly fitted bathroom

The newly fitted bathroom part 2

On Friday, I went to look at a rental property as the house is now on the market in an effort to avoid repossession and therefore I need somewhere to live. I have checked with the housing department and I would be entitled to some help with the rent because of my earnings so have been looking for places to rent.
I went to look at a terraced cottage yesterday and felt at home as soon as I walked in. It has character and a warmth that I really liked so could everyone please keep their fingers crossed for me that everything goes well with the credit checks etc etc at the beginning of the week. If it all goes to plan (which would be nice for a change) then I could be moving within 2 to 3 weeks. There is no need for me to actually be in this house whilst it is being sold as the outcome will be the same whatever happens. I just need a bit of luck on my side for a change xxx


  1. looks really nice cazz like the kitchen and those fitted wardrobes. hope you are lucky and get it. good luck
    chrisa x

  2. Oh Cazz it looks lovely, I really really really hope everything goes to plan and you can move soon, Denise xxx

  3. Wow it looks lovely, can I move in too. LOL Good Luck hope it goes ok. Hazel xox

  4. Well Cazz....I always think that the feeling you get when you first step into a house is usually a good indication of how you're going to feel when living in it. Fingers crossed that you will be able to move soon.
    Take care

    Sue x

  5. Brilliant Darlin'
    It will be lovely if you can move in so soon. Would you have the pussies there after a while.???????//
    All power to your elbow My Lovely.
    Prayers for you as always.
    Luvs Ya

  6. Hope this brings you a change of luck sweetheart,all the best hugs wendy xxx

  7. Caz, it looks lovely hun fingers and toes crossed, all goes well.
    hope you took the advice and had that hot milk and got some sleep
    take care speak soon
    love julie

  8. I've got my fingers toes and eyes crossed that everything goes right for you. You deserve a bit of luck!

  9. Looks lovely and cosy Cazz.Will be keeping everything crossed for you, good luck.x