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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

What a damp start to the day

Morning all from a very wet overcast Eastern Counties this morning. Its pouring with rain - flipping typical seeing as I have to collect my wedding dress today. Better take a good strong water proof bag with me on my bike - hopefully it will dry up a bit before I go and collect it at about 1pm. It survived the bike ride and the rain last week so fingers crossed for a repeat performance today. Other than that, I just have 2 small cleaning jobs to go to this morning and that's my work day done. I must do some in my own house though so I shall do that later before starting on a mountain of card orders I need to do this week (and there may be a few with Fred's flowers on - just for a change LOL)

Thought I would show you a quick snap of one of my cats. This is Pickle who had been asleep on the kitchen floor and not long woken up, as you can see from her face. She's the old lady of the house as she's coming up for 15 years of age and yet she still thinks she's a kitten. If there's a toy to be played with, a butterfly to chase or general mayhem to be caused - Pics is your man (or woman, or cat in this case).

By the way, I don't normally park my bike in front of the cooker but I was going out again and didn't want to have to move it all round the place just to go back out the door again.

And to finish, here is a photo of some SuperImpatiens from my garden (huge Bizzie Lizzies for the non-educated gardeners amongst us - like me)

Each of the different colours is just 1 plant - I have 12 of these in the pond area (no, not in the pond itself silly). I have 9 in the ground and 3 in a large 14" pot and they have made a stunning display. Anyone know if you can take cuttings from them at all?

And with that lovely floral display from my garden I shall love you and leave you as I have to drag on my wet suit, snorkle and flippers and get ready to face the elements and go to work. Hope your day is dryer than mine is going to be.

Have a good one and don't forget to add your name to the post below for a chance to win one of the ATC's in my blog candy draw. Take care everyone


  1. I'm not a gardener but I think Busy Lizzies only last for the one summer.
    They look very healthy plants - you must have green fingers.

  2. Wow stunning flowers Cazz. Busy Lizzies always remind me of my dear dad, thats what he used to call me when I was little.

  3. Lovely plants Cazz I planted the same as you this year but think they only last for the summer what you call a half hardy annual [I think].
    Pickles is gorgeous for an old lady! x

  4. The Busy Lizzies are gorgeous. You sure you didn't just take some of Fred's flowers and stick them on a bush, hehe

  5. Busy lizzies make great house plants mum used to have loads of them. She used to root the cuttings on the kitchen windowsill in a glass of water...they're really very easy. Then next summer you can put them out into the garden again.