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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Had a busy evening ............

I have rather a lot of card orders to do at the moment so have really disciplined myself this evening and done these 3. To be fair, the top one isn't for an order as such - its the card I printed off to send my cheque in for Bern's wedding ring. I am getting into the idea of sending cards with cheque's in for the nicer things in life. Inside it simply says "The cheque for my order" LOL Silly I know but so long as it brings a smile, then my mission is still going.
The 2nd card is made from Carol Ann Studio's - Little Lamb CD. Isn't it sweet? I added some yellow sakura glaze to the centre of the flowers and some clear glitter to the top of the lambs head. The lady is Welsh so it should be quite fitting for her. It also has a matching insert & envelope.
The last card is for my own sister, Sheena. who has her birthday on the 19th. Its from the Cup Cake Crafting Oriental CD. It too has a matching insert and envelope
I've printed everything I need for the next card on my list but seeing as its almost 11.30 at night, I think I am going to head off for my bed and do it tomorrow evening.
Night night all xxx


  1. Love the cards Cazz. What a lovely idea to send one with a cheque.... bet the people in the shop will be delighted.

  2. Great cards Cazz. I looove the little lamb. x

  3. Lovely cards, especially your sisters one.

  4. You must be bringing alot of smiles Cazz with your cards. Love the first one and your sisters is fab