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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Friday, 1 August 2008

Good morning everyone and welcome to Friday x

Morning all from a sunny St. Neots, but boy have we had some rain overnight and there's more forecast for today. Still, saves me watering the tomato plants that seem to think they are triffids at the moment and one of them, I'm sure, will be walking in the back door and making himself a cup of tea before long. I've never grown tomatoes before so am quite excited - just need them to go red now. I have taken a couple of the large ones off the plant and have them on a saucer inside the kitchen window to see if that hastens the ripening process.
I have been a bit quiet of late as we have had a few things going on but hopefully those little niggles have now passed and I can get back to normal (until the next disaster falls in front of me anyway).
I was forced off the road by an idiot in a white van yesterday but I was more shocked than anything else and there was no damage done to either myself or Gerry (my bike). There is a stretch of road that I go down once a week and there is a small island in the middle for pedestrians. So this idiot decided that there was enough room for him to get past me AND stay the right side of the small island - well there wasn't and if I hadn't leapt off my bike and got onto the pavement, I wouldn't be writing this blog this morning - I'd be in hospital. needless to say, the idiot didn't stop as he was obviously far too impatient to get to his destination and I was too shocked to get his number. Still, it won't stop me riding my bike on the roads as he is just 1 driver and there are plenty of careful, considerate drivers out there. It did rattle my nerves a bit though but I'm okay today.
Hope you all have a good day whatever you are doing xxx


  1. Bleedin white van drivers!!!!
    I used to be one of them but I like to think I was more considerate lol

  2. I was one too but hope I didn't go too close to motorists.
    Your life seems to be one big adventure with always something happening to brighten your day!!!!!

  3. Shocked to hear about your nightmare experience on the road Cazz...what an idiot, people who drive like that should be banned forever!!!! Love the ATCs by the way :)