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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Friday, 8 August 2008


What a great date :-)

I've heard that a lot of people are getting married today so if you are one of them - congratulations and enjoy your day xxx (and what are you doing reading my blog if you're getting married today LOL ???) I just hope the weather is kinder to you than it is being to me right now as its pouring with rain here in the Eastern Counties and there's no sign of it stopping either.

Today sees the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing and a guy that used to come into the restaurant where I worked is carrying the flag for GB today in the Opening Ceremony - his name is Mark Foster, he's a 50m short course swimming champion and this will be his 5th Olympic games so good luck Mark - I wish you all the best of luck xxx

He's also drop dead gorgeous xxxx And he came in very handy at Christmas time as he is 6' 6" tall and was always ready to help me put up the decorations in the cafe - well you gotta get the help where you can when you're only 5' 3" LOL

Anyway, I shall love you all and leave you for now. Have a safe day whatever you are doing and have a good one xxx


  1. He's 6 ft 6 Cazz, is that right???? Surely that's cheating cos he will be half way across the pool after taking 2 or 3 strokes LOL!

  2. Cazz have to agree he is a wonderful guy, and very dedicated to his sport. Seen him swim here many a time in Cardiff.................what a body