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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Monday, 9 June 2008

New week, new card to show you

Well, good morning everyone. Beautiful day here in the Eastern Counties today. Rain forecast for the rest of the week though so had better make the most of it today LOL. I didn't do much yesterday after getting back from work. I did the ironing which took less than an hour then just stretched out on the sofa flicking between Big Brother, the Canadian F1 and anything else I could find interesting on the telly.

I did do the ordered card though and here it is :-

Its for the wife of a gentleman who shows miniature dachshunds at shows and they have smooth black and tans just like the one in the photo on the card. The gentleman saw a similar card that I had at the show last week and when we got talking about it, I said I could do him a card specifically for his wife and make it a bit more personal - hence the above card. I'm going to post it off to him today under plain brown wrapping as he doesn't want his wife to see it just yet as her birthday isn't until July. If it looks large its because it is - its an A4 card. I likes doing them now LOL

Well this morning I am off to do yet more gardening at my first clients house. All the hanging baskets are planted up and hung (all 19 of them) and now I'm doing the pots and troughs (about 15 in total). I also have to strim one of the garden's too at some stage as its quite overgrown and it will just be easier to maintain if I strim it first.

Card wise this week, I have to make a birthday card, a 60th wedding anniversary card, 2 fathers day cards and I'm sure there was something else as well but it has escaped me for now but I'm sure it will come back to me soon.

Have a good day everyone and please call again xxx


  1. What a fabulous card Cazz, very effective with the pyramage and backing paper is great too!

  2. Lovely card Cazz. I'm sure the gent'll be really pleased with it and his wife delighted when she receives it.

  3. What a lovely card,Cazz. I am sure the lady will be delighted to recieve it.