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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Craft meet report

Hi y'all. What a fab day its been. Met up with Dawn, Nicknat, Carmel, Linda, Debs, Lynne, Sheila, Becky, Bev & Toni at a village hall in Offord for a craft class with templates run by Denise - a lovely lady that owns a craft shop in the village. We were going to be doing 2 projects - a champagne bottle and a dovecote. Denise had done a lot of the preparation for us (as she always does) and we started on the celebration bottle. This one went down fine (I will post a picture later when I've uploaded it). We all had a good gossip, chat and a laugh whilst we cut out the main pieces and we all made lovely bottles.
Then we started on the dove-Cote. Well, what a laugh this turned out to be. SOOOO many pieces and so much cutting. I never managed to finish mine although I do have all the template parts if I ever get a spare weekend to try it again LOL.
We had all taken something for lunch and there was a really nice spread altogether. Salads, sandwiches, quiche, chicken drumsticks, crisps etc etc. I had taken a lovely chocolate cake from M & S and Debs had made some delicious chocolate croissants (really tasty). Tea and coffee were free flowing and all in all we had a really good day :-)

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