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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Dachshund Dog show Update

Hi y'all. Back home after a wonderful day at the Eastern Counties Dachshund Association Show and what a good day I had card wise. Made a nice figure money wise and got a couple of orders to send onto customers and lots of people took my details. My mum joined me and she really enjoyed her day too, especially when one lady who was desperate to go to the loo, asked my mum if she would mine watching her dog. Mum had the dog on its lead and was talking to her and taking her for a wander round the hall LOL. She was happy (mum, I mean, not the dog but then by the way her tail was wagging it was obvious the dog was happy too).
Their next show is in November so I have time to rest a bit now before I start again on Xmas cards with Dachy's on. I was also asked by one lady if I could do a similar stack of cards with Beagles on - I said that it would be a pleasure - if I knew what a beagle looked like LOLOL. I told her that I didn't know anything about dogs and we both had a laugh at that and I said I would be on the Internet as soon as I got home to find out what they looked like - and they are adorable xx. The lady is going to send me an e-mail in the next few days and we can take it from there. Another gentleman was very interested in the fact that I could do his Xmas cards for him with a picture of his own dog and again took my details and will contact me soon, another lady has taken my details for the same reason. So if everyone does what they say, it could be quite productive in the next few months for me - so I shall keep my fingers crossed (but not while I am typing obviously - I have enough trouble doing that without them being crossed).
So after all that and having just done the ironing for the week (about half hours work LOL), I am now ready for a cup of tea so ta-ta for now and drop in again soon for some more words of wisdom at the CazzBar xxxx

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