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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Friday, 27 June 2008

Friday 27th June ...............................

Good morning everyone - lovely and sunny here in the Eastern Counties so far - rain forecast for later though but only showers. Today is a very special day in my calendar at the moment as its just 3 months to our wedding day :-) Tomorrow it will be exactly 13 weeks and it still seems I have so much to do. I have had some very generous gifts of help from 2 friends on one of my forums that I visit regularly. The first lady, Nicky, has bought us a cake stand after conning me into telling her what type I was looking for - and then going onto E-Bay herself and actually buying it as a gift for Bern and I - how sweet is that and thank you Nicky xxxxx
The second lady stepped in when I needed help with a third waistcoat for my son - my seamstress was unable to do it and Dawn stepped into the breech to help. I have had the material etc etc sent to her and its now all in hand. Another huge thank you goes to Dawn xxx
I have to chase up the company that is re-doing my wedding ring after sending the wrong colour last time so I shall ring them in a couple of days and I have to ring the register office in Great Yarmouth to settle a few details.
And 'The Boys' are planning a trip to Matalan soon to get their suits.
Other than that, things are ticking over quite nicely :-)
I will keep you all posted over the next few weeks as the clock counts down xxx

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