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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Windy Tuesday

Its been a very blustery day outside today and we've had some really heavy rain too. Thank goodness I am now tucked up in my house leaving all the elements outside where they can do their worse now.

I have been up to Tesco's this morning for an interview with a very nice man called Callum who interviewed me for a general assistant job in the cafeteria section of the store. Its nothing that I haven't done before and I am quietly confident that I shall be offered a job there. I re-evaluated how many hours I would actually be able to undertake without sending myself to an early grave and I came up with 12 hours with the option on increasing the hours at my own convenience later if need be.
Then this afternoon, I have had a very emotional visit from the Cats Protection League and in return for me keeping my cats with me, they are going to provide all their food and also their vets bills and they have given me a cat box and the first of my cats is booked in to see the vet at 2pm tomorrow. I have to say the lady at the vets itself did appear very condescending when I rang her but that's her problem and not mine. The 2 ladies from the CPL were so nice though and could see I was genuinely upset at the prospect of having to have my beloved babes re homed and thay assured me it was their pleasure to help me out during this difficult time.
So I have made it through one of the days I was dreading this week and am still here to tell the tale xxx


  1. Oh Darlin' Brilliant.......
    What a day for you. All power to your elbow Sweet Girl.
    Keep your pecker up..........
    Luvs Ya
    You know whoooooooooooooooooo
    God is on your side.

  2. Everything crossed for you Cazz ... and not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Stay strong brave lady ... you can do it.
    Karen xx

  3. So glad you are able to keep your cats. I do a monthly direct debit to the CPL think they do a wonderful job. Nice to know someone getting use from them.
    Fingers crossed for the job. One hurdle at a time. Still walking beside you xx