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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Friday, 26 September 2008

Nutmeg is home safe and well

Apart from having a sore throat where she was under the anaesthetic and a couple of bald patches on her front paws, she is fine. She has some antibiotics to take for a few more days and she will be on steroids for the rest of her life because of something in her mouth (they did explain but I wasn't listening). I bought her home, let her out of the cat basket, she went out for a wee and then came back in and is now curled up on the coffee table like nothing has happened.
As for me, I'm a complete wreck this evening. I thought I had covered everything with regards the now cancelled wedding - then I had a phone call from the engravers in town, apologising for now ringing beforehand and informing me that the wedding knife I had taken in to be engraved was in fact ready for collection !! That just about did me in today and I've been crying buckets for hours xxx
I screamed at the telly earlier today as there was a craft show on Ideal World and the presenter said "so what will you be doing at 9pm tomorrow night?" and I shouted "i should have been dancing the night away with my husband".
Not a good day and tomorrow is on the horizon :-(


  1. Glad to hear that nutmeg is OK.
    We all know it's a hard time for you...and you are entitled to scream and shout and cry.
    Take care of yourself Cazz.

    Sue x

  2. Cazz, glad to hear the cat ordeal wasn't tooooooo bad...x

  3. So pleased to hear Nutmeg is ok and home again.
    Cazz you scream, shout and cry as much as you like its your right to. take care hun,

  4. Glad to hear that Nutmeg is fine. As for you's gonna be a very tough weekend hun, but you already know that. Thinking of you xxx