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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Monday, 24 November 2008

I've been tagged by Hazel @ didodesigns

(and my signature appears to be on a short vacation so I do hope its having a nice time and I feel confident it will be back in its rightful place soon).

So, back to the topic in hand, I have been tagged by Hazel and I have to give you 7 interesting facts about myself then pass this onto 7 others, so here goes ( I am going to cheat a little bit though and follow Hazel's lead and go along the same lines as she has xx)
1. My middle name is Vivian. My parents didn't realise until after they had left the Registrars office where my birth was recorded that my name had been spelt the masculine way instead of the feminine way. My dad went back in to get it put right but the registrar said it couldn't be done - so that was it - and it has stayed that way ever since. I think my parents were hoping I was a boy as "Carol" is a boys name in Poland LOL. But I was called Carol as I was due on Christmas day, but turned up a week later on New Years Day.
2. My first single was "Flowers in the Rain" but I can't remember who sang it. The "B" side was Here we go round the Lemon Tree". I think it may have been Wizard that sung it.
3. My fav food is Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney pie, Peas and mashed potatoes with lashings of thick gravy - ummmmmmmmm, gorgeous x
4. I went to one of Status Quo's farewell tours (they have had more farewell tours than I have had hot dinners lol. I have also seen Gary Numan twice and Russell Watson (which was great). And also went to the Royal Albert Hall to see a group called Sky and it was from them, that I found the name for my son as the drummer was called Tristan Fry so my son was called Tristan.
5. I have no professional qualifications whatsoever - unless you count a basic food hygiene certificate LOL. I have a PHD from the school of life though and a Masters from the school of hard knocks :-)
6. I am St. Neots born and bred - never lived anywhere else and don't want to either.
7. Phew - the last one lol. This is harder than it looks lol. So my 7th interesting fact is ........................................... erm...........................................think woman come on..................................................................oh I have no idea. But I gave it my best shot.
So now I have to pass this onto 7 other people so my choices are as follows:-
Good luck ladies xxx

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  1. Aww Thanks Cazz
    and thanks for keep coming
    back to my blog
    Love Kath x x x