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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Monday, 17 November 2008

Its the start of a new week....

so a warm welcome to Monday morning. Lots of challenges on the blogs this week so please do check them out and join in if you've never done one before - they really are fun. And you don't have to have your own blog to join in with a lot of them - you can e-mail your card in to the blog owner. Take a step out of your comfort zone and do something a bit different - you'll be amazed how much fun it is.
The weather is a bit grey here in the Eastern Counties this morning and more rain is forecast so a bit of a gloomy day all round really.
I was disgusted to read on Glenda Waterworths Artylicious blog yesterday that Ideal World / Create and Craft had cancelled her show because of something she may have implied in a previous post - all she had done was try to encourage people to watch the show. How petty can they be? Its obvious to a lot of people in the real world, the Ideal World are in trouble - they have already reported a loss this year, and yet they had a perfect chance to recoup some of their losses with Glenda's show and yet they took it off and showed Xmas toys.
I notice on the schedules that there is a craft day preview show on at 11am today and they always ask for e-mails to be sent in. How about everyone sends in an e-mail to complain about the show being pulled yesterday - they won't get read out of course, but the powers that be wouldn't be able to ignore the fact that the people who pay their wages (ie, the paying viewers) are not happy about what happened.
Glenda is not the first person I know of that has been treated badly by Ideal World and yet they seem to just ignore those that are most important to them - the viewers.
I have put my feelings about this only on my own blog as its my blog and I can say what I please. I have not mentioned it on any other forum as it could have repercussions for others and I wouldn't want that to happen.
I shall get off my soap box now and get ready for work xx
Take care everyone and thank you for looking xx

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