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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Welcome to Thursday

Its Halloween Eve today (well New Year & Christmas have an EVE day so why not Halloween too). It may be lovely and sunny but I don't think its warm enough for witches to go flying about as it looks very cold out there today - I only wish I could stay indoors and craft but I have to go out to work at some stage (well very soon actually).
I didn't do any crafting last night as I was too upset over the loss of Little Mac. I have to go to the surgery this afternoon and pick up the empty basket, which has to be done but won't be very pleasant - have to "swallow my frog" on that one as a good friend of mine says and get it over with. At least Mac is happy and at rest and in no more pain now - that's the most you could ever wish for xxx
Thank you for all the lovely comments xxx
Have a good day everyone xxx


  1. Hi Cazz will be thinking of you today with your emotional journey to the vet. Happy Halloween Eve. Luv Hazel xox

  2. You will be at work now Cazz so I will say I hope the trip to the vets wasn't too much of an ordeal for you, definitely a difficult thing to do. Take care, love Denise xxx

  3. Hope today wasn't too stressful for you. Lost my Sweepee earlier this year at the grand old age of 22yrs and although she was ready to go it was still heartbreaking.
    Keep your chin up.

    Pat (CraftyPat) x