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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Sunny start to Saturday........................

.......... albeit a tad chilly :-). The sun is shining nicely here in the eastern Counties today and I thought it was about time I got back to what I'm got at - waffling on about everything and nothing lololol - a lot of you seem to like that and its been a while what with one thing and another, as you'll all understand.
But the only way to go is forward and that's the direction I am heading (most of the time anyway) and if I do have a day where I don't go forward, at least I am just resting and not moving backwards so that can only be a good thing.
I've been busy sorting out personal / financial stuff and haven't done too many cards but the one's I have done, I've always posted for your perusal and I would like to thank you all for the lovely comments you leave me xxx
As for the cats, well Nutmeg and Smudge have both responded well to the steroids they are on and are now fully recovered and back to their normal selves again. Nutmeg isn't as lively as Smudge but then she is 15 years of age and that's not too bad for a cat. Smudge is back to being the reincarnation of Ronnie / Reggie Kray and thumping any other cat that gets in her way but she is still a darling when she comes for a cuddle in the evening xxx
I have one more cat to take to the vets but I am going to have to enlist the help of the brilliant Cats Protection League for Merlin as he's almost Ferrel and won't let anyone go near him - which is also going to be a problem when I get him to the vets as he won't even let me handle him, let alone a stranger.
He's a bit "odd in the head" shall we say. When he was born, everyone said he was a she and even the vets said so - until it was time for the op to have her/him neutered. I got a phone call from the vet to say that Mrs Penhaligon was in fact MR Penhaligon !!! All his male workings and gubings had formed on the INSIDE and to all outward appearances, she was in fact a HE. So the poor thing has been a tad confused from the start really and as such has always kept himself to himself.
Anyway, I must sort myself out as I'm off to work soon and then must get stuck into Xmas cards later today xx
Hope you all have a lovely day and thank you all for your continued support xxx


  1. Lovely to hear about the Pussies and soooooooooooo very glad they are doing well. As for you my little Hunny Bunny it's wonderful to hear your positivity shining through once more. Your little Angel is working with you to make your life good again.
    all my love and prayers always.
    You know whoooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Brilliant - and so are your cards.
    well done.

  3. you waffle as much as you want :-) its good to read the old Cazz (old in the nicest poss way) glad cat gang are doing well hugs from me xx