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Friday, 1 May 2009

How excited am I ... (or sad depending on how you look at it) lol

After the awful debacle of a day on Wednesday when I threw in the towel and let the world win, I wasn't really looking forward to Thursday and the renewed fight over the shower.

Well the day started off with yet another phone call to Virgin Media to sort out my TV problem which has been on-going for a while ad not wishing to sound racist in anyway (cos you should all know that I am not racist in anyway shape or form) but I do have to say it was so, so, so nice to speak to someone that I could actually understand and who in return could understand me - heaven. Well the outcome is there is a fault in the main junction box that has been reported and
if the problem hasn't cleared up in the next day or two, I am to ring them up again and they will try something else. The upshot was though (and I guess this is where the bird-poop luck comes in), I was given a £20 credit on my bill which I thought was nice of them.
Then at about 7.30pm last night, I had a phone call from Steve, the maintenance man to say he would be starting on the refurbishment of the shower room this morning. I was gobsmacked to be honest as I had e-mailed, phoned and paid a visit personally to the letting agency and been told "oh yeah, we will chase it up" and never heard anything back. Obviously the landlord has agreed everything but it would have been pure courtesy to actually let me know instead of me having to do all the chasing!!!! Did I sound a bit bitter then? Oh well, never mind lol
I am not silly enough to pretend that its going to be ready for when I get home from work tonight but at least there is an end in sight now which I am happy about.
I know have to put my grievances in writing to the landlord and ask for a reduction for the portion of rent that covers my washing facilities. Its not as easy as just "not paying the rent" as that will look bad on my record for the future when I wish to move so I shall use the correct channels and see what happens. If I don't get a result, I shall just cancel my final months rent instead when I move. I have to fairly give the landlord the chance to actually grant me a reduction rather than take the "knee-jerk" reaction route which could affect me later on. It may have been he was unavailable and may not have found out until late yesterday - there are always many reasons why things don't work out how you want them and these have to taken into consideration,
Anyway, the main thing is, I am on the road back to getting a new shower room so watch this space to see what happens........................

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  1. See I told you s**t was lucky!!! Hope that your new shower room looks good. OoHH all brand new and never been used. Hazelxox