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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Uber Blog Award received from Paul

I received this award from Paul over at ATC Swappers and would like to say a big thank you to him for nominating me xxx Paul runs a monthly ATC swap Blog so if you want to join in, please pop over to his blog for more inspiration.

I know have to pass it onto 5 others so here goes

My 1st choice would have been Hazel but as she already has it I shall move on xxx

It has to be the wonderful Jak over at The Crafters Kitchen . Who COULDN'T fail to be inspired by her beautiful designs

My next port of call is a blogging newbie so I am pleased to give this award to Dawn over at Dawnie's Den She has not been blogging long but her cards are beautiful and she has a great style

My next nomination is to a blogger that I hardly know but she is a crafter so she must be lovely lol and from what I have seen of her cards so far - they are lovely so please pop over to Maddies Creations and see for yourself what talent this lady has

The next lady has followed my blog since day 1 (almost) and is so unreserved and quiet so I think she deserves this you go Pam for always listening xxx

And now for my last nomination and can I just say before I say who it is that if I have forgotten anyone, it wasn't intentional in anyway. And if anyone feels they deserve the award, then please feel free to add it to your blog xxx

This lady has again followed me since day 1 and never fails to leave me a comment or two despite everything that she goes through herself and she too is deserving of this award for her courage, so Sue this is for you xxx


  1. Ah bless ya Babe, I got it too but haven't put it on mine yet as have been a bitty busy. Have a lovely Sunday, its glorious here. Shame we are sorting out the garden!!! Hazelxox

  2. Hi Cazz..thank you so much! Will put it on my blog later today.
    Unreserved and quiet? sometimes. My throat and head are a lot better now but I've still got the cold.
    Take care
    Sue x

  3. Well thank you very much Cazz, this blogging thing is new to me but I am pleased to get an award so quickly. No idea what to do with it now if anything, but thanks again hon. x