Planner Dashboards available in various sizes

Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Look what I got today ...........................

Isn't it a beautiful award? Thank you to Bev from Cambridge for passing it onto me. In time honoured tradition, I have to pass it onto 5 others so here are my nominees for this award ...
1. Hazel. She has been and always will be a good friend and despite going through tough times herself, always manages to find time for others.
2. Denise. Always there with a kind word of encouragement.
3. Bev R. Without whose help, I would never have known how to post images on my cards onto the various challenge sites. Always ready to help when asked.
4. Lizbe. Never judges, never criticises - just has a kind word and a gentle piece of encouragement when needed. And her husband is one in a million too and deserves a mention xxx
5. Kath (teabelly). Despite STILL having blooming Jingle Bells playing on her blog, she is, none the less, a wonderful person and well deserved of this award
So there we are. If I haven't nominated you, please don't take offence, its probably because you already have the award on your site anyway. If not, please take it anyway as you are ALL worthy recipients of this award xxx


  1. Thanks for the lovely award Cazz :) Hope I can find 5 people to pass it on to! Denise xxx

  2. Bless ya honey, Thanks for this, its my second today so I feel really loved. Hazel xox

  3. Oh thank you sweetie, and congrats on getting the award

    hugs Bev x