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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Friday, 19 December 2008

Welcome to Friday everyone

It seems like ages since I have written anything in my blog but I think I shall have a bit more time now so shall be back blogging soon enough.
As you can see from the pic, we have put up the tree at long last. In all likelihood, this will be my last Christmas in this house and next year, whatever happens, I shall be away from this house and starting a new phase of life with Bern.

So, Sarah and I have decided to make this Christmas go with a bang (as far as we can anyway). The tree is up and at night it looks fab as its one of those fibre optic ones and there are lights up at the window and the hallway looks like a throw back to an 80's disco with lights flashing and twinkling away.
On Sunday, we have my parents, sarahs dad and step-mother, Sarah's Aunt AND Sarah's friend coming for dinner. They are all bringing different parts of the meal and it should be a great afternoon. So if anyone else is in the vicinity and wants to drop in, dinner is at 1pm - just bring your own food (and a chair would be good lol) and let us know you are arriving lololololololololololol
On a worrying note though, we are having to take old Nutmeg back to the vets today (or Monday) as she is not herself and bit me 2 days ago so best to get the old girl checked out just in case - but the vets did warn me that she didn't have long left bless her and I don't want her to suffer in anyway so if its her time, I shall love her loads and let her pass over the bridge. She has given me many years of pleasure and has had a good innings. I shall let you know what happens in due course.
Anyway, I must be away and get ready to start my day so I shall love you and leave you for now.
Thank you stopping by and for all the lovely comments you have left for me - they mean so much to me xxx
take care everyone and have a good day xxx


  1. Love the tree, hope Sunday is great, sounds like you are going to be busy, Hazel xox

  2. Lovely to see your tree and also to have you back blogging.
    Have a great day on Sunday.And A happy Christmas to you and Bernie.
    And I hope 2009 will be a much better year for you.

    Sylv xx