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Planner Dashboards available in various sizes
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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Flipping heck - its windy today

Morning all from a windy gusty Eastern Counties. I thought my window was going to get blown off its hinges at 3am and it scared the bejeebers out of me LOL. It was great fun trying to get it shut again - my windows are hinged the top and it got blown out to its full extension - well I am only 5' 3" and struggle if the window is open fully - if its the downstairs windows, i go outside and push it shut but that's a bit awkward on the upstairs one - I may be a bit of a witch but I can't actually fly LOL. So there was me at 3am with a hairbrush in my had stretching out the flipping bedroom window trying to get some sort of hold on the handle to be able to close the window - thank goodness there was no-one else awake (at least I hope not) to see it LOL. I should tie a length of ribbon round the handle and pin it to the wall inside so that if it happens again, I can pull it in easier. And for those that are wondering where Bern was, he was at work.

Anyway, yesterday, I met up with some mates from Imag-e-nation and we spent the afternoon at Craft Central in Shepreth, Royston and what a lovely time we had too. we sat in the sun chatting - what could be better. Then I went back to Nicky's and Bern picked me up at 7pm when he finished his 1st shift ( he bought me home then was back at work for 8.30pm til midnight for his 2nd shift, he slept in the Travel lodge on site and was back at work for 7am this morning and will finish at 7pm tonight). If any one fancies a job as a security officer at Cambridge Leisure Park please get in touch as they are short staffed and I would like to see my OH from time to time LOL
And today I am going to a 90th birthday party between 12.30 and 6pm so that will be nice.
Phew, I seem to have typed loads this morning so I shall shut up now and get myself sorted
Hope you are all having a good weekend, take care as always xxx

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  1. Hi Cazz...wish you hadn't said that Bern was at work...I have a mental image of you stretching out trying to reach the handles to close the window.....and Bern holding your ankles in case you fall our the window...LOL.